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NEW FEATUREConsign o’ the Times will be a regular post starting next week.  I will visit and review consignment stores in the area, providing the basics (hours, types of items for sale) and the nitty-gritty (“they sell acid-wash without the irony”).  What I need from y’all is help creating a comprehensive list of the stores in the Bold New Metro Area.  The ones I know of include: 
      – Madison/Ridgeland – Private Collection, Leap Frog, Kids’ Closet, Repeat Street, From Us to You (?), and Bloomingdeals;
      – Jackson – Orange Peel and It’s All About U
      – Brandon – Sequels

I know there are more than that, particularly in Rankin County and over in Clinton.  Please post some suggestions.

ANOTHER NEW FEATUREGarage Sale Tales will also be a new post topic, and I’d love-love-love some help here.  I am going to start taking my camera with me when I got to garage sales.  I want to get some evidence that you CAN find nifty stuff at those, not merely broken furniture and incomplete sets of dishes that the sellers used in college back in the 90’s.

I wanna challenge y’all to do the same.  Send me your pictures of great finds and I’ll post them.

I am also going to see about posting lists of sales on Friday nights, with information taken from multiple sources.  If I am able to — that one might be a little too labor intensive, we’ll see

UPDATE ON BATTLE FOR FREE SPEECH — Yeah, I’m still dealing with that mess.  I have been in touch with more trademark-types and blog authors than one would imagine.  Everyone agrees on two things:
      1) The trademarking of “frugalista” is stupid beyond belief, and
      2) Unless I am willing to spend a LOT of money, there’s probably nothing I can do about it.

Now, I am sure you have noticed, FrugalGal ain’t makin’ any money here — this blog brings in no coin.  I never intended it to.  And FrugalGal is frugal for a reason — I don’t have piles of money lying around.

What I am PROBABLY going to do is:
      1) Change the name of the blog, but in a very resentful mood
      2) Continue to complain about the absolute innanity of someone being able to own a word until somebody important takes note or I get tired.

As far as #1 goes, I’ll want some help.  I have a few names in mind, but would love suggestions as well.  If nothing jumps out as a great name, I’ll probably post a poll and let people vote.

As far as #2 goes, I might enlist some of y’all for that, too.  🙂  More on that later, though.

CAN YOU READ THIS??? — While I love the basics of this blog template, with the brown and the flowers, I am concerned that it might be hard to read.  I can’t figure out how to keep this basic design while enlarging and darkening the fonts, though.  I might be playing with the design a bit, so don’t be surprised if you pop in one day and the look is TOTALLY different.  And aof course, suggestions will be welcome!

I guess we’re all caught up.  Oh, except I need to say that I went to the special “Half Off/Half Off” sale last night and got 4 pair of shoes, 3 shirts, a pair of wool pants, a set of queen sheets, and a new featherbed for just over $60.  Beat THAT with a really cheap stick ….

  1. JohnnyTechno
    September 17, 2009 at 3:22 am

    I can think of two ridiculous trademark issues in particular. Apple, Inc. was suing anyone who tried to sell electronic devices named “pod” anything. Even small industrial devices that no one would ever confuse for an mp3 player. Another was Monster Cable, suing anyone and anything with the word “monster” in its name. Monster backed down from suing some small business simply because they were shamed into doing so. If you can get the media interested, particularly in this woman’s home town, you might get some relief. Or at least some pleasure from shaming an imbecile and her lawyer.

  2. September 18, 2009 at 2:09 am

    lol at acid wash without the irony…

    Isn’t there a place called Repeat Street or something in Ridgeland on Ridgewood?

    There are a couple consignment stores close by to my house… One of them is called Pleasant Surprises or something, which always makes me think it’s an “adult store”. I’ve been in there a couple times and haven’t found anything, but I wasn’t looking very hard. There is one called Wear It’s At on Old Fannin, about 1/4 mile north of Dogwood Festival. I’ve mostly looked at the kids’ clothes, and I have bought a number of things. They have a pretty good selection of women’s clothing, handbags, and shoes. I haven’t found anything in my size that I liked, but someone else may have better luck.

    There is a super icky consignment store in Pearl, close to Pearson Road. Don’t bother. You will want to spray yourself down with Lysol after leaving. All the clothes are just in piles on tables in poorly lit rooms. And it smells like an ashtray.

    I think there are some places in Old Town(e?) in Clinton that sell some vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry.

  3. the Mickste
    September 18, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    I checked: Frugalista is not in the dictionary. Frugal certainly is, but frugalista is not. Therefore the Trademark holder coined a new word and Trademarked it. She just happened to trademark it before it came into common slang. You and she had the same good idea; She just had it first. Consider that other words are frequently trademarked; Nike (who was a goddess long before a shoe), Dell, Michael’s last name (I wonder how his cousins feel about not being able to use their own last name. Coke has many meanings, including a sub-product within the smelting of iron, but the cola company owns the trademark. How about Timberland – it has a wilderness meaning, but the word is now owned by the shoe company. Think about Google. It is simply a re-spelling of googol (the number 1 followed by 100 zeros). Google started out as a proper noun and the name of the company. But now it has become a verb, but they still own the word. Are they going to sue you every time you say that you are going to Google something? Of course not. It’s free advertising. There a plethora.

    And JohnnyTechno is absolutely right. Apple also owns the trademark on the word, “Apple,” after a long drawn out lawsuit with Apple records. It’s a piece of fruit for God’s sake! It’s been around since Adam and Eve, but they own the word. Steve Jobs is one savvy dude. They also own the word Macintosh, which is simply one variety of the fruit common in Washington State. What’s next? Will they come out with a new product called the, “Granny Smith?” Could they possibly have trademarked, “Nano?” That’s a unit of measure in the metric system. It’s just Capitalism.

    Consider coining and trade marking Jacksonista. Then become the Frugal Jacksonista. Then when others pick up your word, threaten to sue. More than one millionaire has been made this way.

    Hey, I just typoed; what about Frugalist without the a?

    Or maybe Jackson’s Frugal Bella, Jackson Frugallina (the lina suffix is Italian for small and feminine in gender) Frugallini would be plural and neuter. Frugella? A combination of Frugal and bella? Find a list of prefixes and suffixes and play around. Don’t get mad, have fun. Come up with a better word and shove it down Frugalista chica’s throat.

    The matrix isn’t perfect. Just play the game and move on.

    • Frugal Gal
      September 18, 2009 at 6:11 pm

      It was added to the New Oxford American Dictionary at the end of 2008. It was added to wiktionary at some point, I don’t know when.

      The entymology of the word shows general use long prior to the mark being filed. Read my argument against the mark.

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