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JacksonFrugalista getting NEW NAME, NEW HOME

Hey, remember that whole “we’re gonna sue you if you don’t change the name of your blog” mess? Well, Frugal Gal is a complete fan of NOT getting sued. So, I’m changing the name.

Am I a wimp? Maybe. But I also have no real resources to fight this. So sue me … no, don’t.

I am not only changing the name, I am changing the location. The NEW version of JacksonFrugalista will be at http://FrugalMississippi.blogspot.com/. This blog will be devoted to what I originally wanted THIS one devoted to — getting cool stuff for cheap in Mississippi.

But those of you who have aggressively taken my side in this — first, thanks! The online community of people interested in protecting our freedom of speech is pretty cool.

But second, just because I am changing the name doesn’t mean that our party has to end — this issue is important and one we need to keep talking about. So I made another blog: http://ReallyDumbTrademarks.blogspot.com/. This is where we will continue to talk about what the rules of the USTPO really ARE concerning general-use words and trademarks, as well as share horror stories. I mean, I can’t be the only person who has been through this.

Hopefully this new blog will give us all a chance to help other people who get slepped with nutty C&D orders — it would be great if we could develop a resource list for people in that position to use. Uh, and it would be great to develop some resources.

SO — give me a couple of days to move all the relevant content to the new blogs and we’ll move forward. Y’all who want to read about the next Belk shoe sale can do so, and those who want to get mad about losing the rights to use a particular word may also do so. Just not on the same blog.

Oh, and lest ANYONE think otherwise, my agreeing to the name change should IN NO WAY BE INTERPRETED AS MY AGREEMENT TO THE CORRECTNESS OF THE TRADEMARK BY NATALIE MCNEAL. I am changing the name because I am cheap, and the USTPO has made it way too expensive for me to file formal disagreement. I CHANGE THIS NAME UNDER MASSIVE PROTEST.

And if this ever makes it to court, I’d better not hear that my name change is used as evidence supporting the McNeal trademarks. Oh, man — the blogs I will start if THAT happens ….

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