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What do you think I should do?

September 22, 2009 12 comments

I’ve had tons of people, via email and blog posts, encourage me to NOT change the name. Some of those people are even offering money to help me fight.

My options are:

1) Change the name and let the whole thing drop.
2) Change the name but keep fighting — emails, posts, networking with other interested parties, etc. In other words, be an annoying online gnat to the people who claim to own the word.
3) DON’T change the name and just see what happens.
4) DON’T change the name and accept donations from blog visitors to fund a fight.

I lean towards #2, with a big part of me interested (but a little scared of) in #3.

I think it would be a struggle to do #1, I’m not great at keeping my mouth shut on things that make me mad. I also am VERY uncomfortable with the idea of taking money from people, it just seems skeezy somehow.

I have this horrible fear that more money would come in that I might need, or it would come in and the matter would be resolved, and I’d have no idea how to refund the donations so I’d go on a fancy vacation instead and end up on Dateline in a “How to Catch a Scam Artist.”

Chris Hansen: You accepted this money to fight for free speech.
Me: Yes, I did.
Chris Hansen: But you spent it on a trip to Martha’s Vinyard.
Me: And I said the word “frugalista” A LOT while I was there ….

Anyway, I am conflicted. Tell me what you think my next steps should be.